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District 32 North Kingstown

Passion - Experience - Leadership

 Building a better Rhode Island for a better tomorrow


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Mark Zaccaria


My Campaign needs lots of Volunteer Help!  Can you prepare mailpieces? Make Phone calls? Help make Kiterature Drops in the Neighborhoods? Or maybe Host a Reception or Fundraiser for your Neighbors?  Then Please Sign Up Above!


There are More and More ways for me to communicate with you about my Campaign... And then for you to Communicate about it to your Friends.  To keep in touch please follow on Facebook & Twitter.  See the links Below. 


Do You have an Issue of Particular Interest? Please let me know about it so I can let You know where I stand.  I may also be able to direct you to a written or video taped position statement that's already out there.  Use the Form Above.


Zaccaria & Craven Debate

Zaccaria & Craven Debate on Channel 12's Newsmakers show, hosted by Tim White and Ted Nesi

October 14th, 2016 - 30 Minutes


Please view this 30 Minute Debate between the Candidates for District 32, as taped for State of the State.  CLICK HERE

Why am I Running?


  • To take the Representation of my Home District back from the Leadership Machine on Smith Hill

  • To join forces with the Minority that is arguing against more and more Deficit Spending on Smith Hill

  • To Speak for the property owners of the District, and all others statewide, against the process now underway in Rhode Island to eliminate Municipal sovereignty over Zoning as well as to eliminate Individual sovereignty over the use of one’s own property.

  • To be a Voice for a Real Opportunity for everyone in Rhode Island to climb the Economic Ladder, rather than be chained by Government to a single rung.

  • To be part of the Counterbalance against the abuses of legislative power that we see so routinely from the existing Super-Majority.

  • To Bolster my Party and help make it a real alternative again.That will shift the public discussion from Labels to Issues!

August 24th, 2016

Zaccaria Reviews Craven's Record


Mark Zaccaria offered a Press Release today that followed up on a Legislative Scorecard created by the Rhode Isalnd Center for Freedom & Prosperity.  That non-partisan group rated sitting legislators on how well or poorly they represented the interests of Taxpayers when voting on matters related to the 38 Studios mess.  Zaccaria noted that on the scale of -26 to +26 Rep Craven came in at -22. "This indicates that Mr. Craven prefers to do the work of the Speaker to doing that of his Constituents." Zaccaria said.  See the entire Release when you CLICK HERE

See the Center for Freedom & Prosperity Scorecard HERE


Have you seen Mark's formal statement on why he's running?  If not,  to read a PDF of Mark's statement,


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