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How Much is Good Government Worth?


Money has been called the Mother's Milk of political campaigning.  If this campaign is to be able to do print and TV advertising in October, funding will be a necessity.  A Campaign Warchest is a way to project the Message to the maximum number of Voters.  If we've got the right Message, but no one hears it, we all lose.   Do you agree with Mark's Message?  How willing are you to Help him Broadcast that message?

Want to Mail In Your Donation?

Care to Write a Check to make your Contribution?  If so, please make it a Personal Check only.  Download a copy of the Donor Form when you CLICK HERE then post a copy of the completed form along with your check to:

Friends of Mark Zaccaria

Post Office Box 1593

North Kingstown, RI 02852

Do We Have Good Government Today?

Success! Message received.

Want to Use Your Credit Card to Donate?

State Law requires that we ask Donors a few questions.  Before selecting the DONATE Button, below, please fill out the contact form to the Right.

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