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                       MY PLATFORM

Here in the Ocean State we have entrenched interests.  Over the years our government has made many promises to employees and constituents alike.  We are actually at the brink of simply not having the money to meet all these obligations.  That won't stop those who are owed from trying to enforce those promises, though.  So we have to begin to take a measured, deliberate path to reducing the size and cost of government,

There are some quick steps we can take to get started, though.  Have you noticed how many needless spending sprees our Legislature has gone on recently?  We had no legal obligation to pay off the failed 38 Studios bonds.  So why are we doing so when there's a perfectly good Insurance Policy to do that - and we're paying for it, too?  Do we really need $43 Million in high tech toll gantries just to find out that Truck Tolling is not legal?  We could simply NOT SPEND THE MONEY, or we could wait around for the court case and then find out why Leadership really used all that cash.  Here's an outline of my goals in representing the people of District 32.  See Below for more detail on each point.

Why am I Running?


  • To take the Representation of my Home District back from the Leadership Machine on Smith Hill

  • To join forces with the Minority that is arguing against more and more Deficit Spending on Smith Hill

  • To Speak for the property owners of the District, and all others statewide, against the process now underway in Rhode Island to eliminate Municipal sovereignty over Zoning as well as to eliminate Individual sovereignty over the use of one’s own property.

  • To be a Voice for a Real Opportunity for everyone in Rhode Island to climb the Economic Ladder, rather than be chained by Government to a single rung.

  • To be part of the Counterbalance against the abuses of legislative power that we see so routinely from the existing Super-Majority.

  • To Bolster my Party and help make it a real alternative again.That will shift the public discussion from Labels to Issues!

As a Republican of the Libertarian stripe I favor fiscally conservative solutions to the question of the role of government.  It naturally follows that if Rhode Island is to live within its means the state bureaucracy has to go on a diet.  We need fewer regulations so that individuals have more freedom.  With that we'll gradually need fewer employees to administer the regs we do retain.  So if we stick to our guns on the subject of spending restraint we will naturally see a migration to smaller and more effective government.

It sounds great on paper, but think about some of the obstacles to actually getting there:

The Leadership Machine

The incumbent in this District was hand selected by the Chair of the State Democrats after the declaration period in 2012.  He hadn't considered running until the State Party saw an opening and plugged him into it.  In the two terms he's held the seat he has voted consistently with House Leadership - at the expense of those of us in the District, quite often.  This marching in Lock-Step with Leadership has been a benefit to your incumbent Representative.  In just his second term he was appointed Chair of the House Committee on Municipal Government.  That is a very fast move up the hierarchy for him, but what did YOU get out of it?  The State Planning Office is still trying to abridge your Property Rights and short circuit municipal control over our District.  The State Budget grows & grows - through more & more Deficit Spending.  Insiders get everything they need and everyone else is ignored.  That's not good, folks.  I'm running to change all that for the better.  Will you help me do so on Election Day?

Joining Forces with the Minority

The Democrats have held a Majority in the Rhode Island House since 1938.  During that time they have introduced a number of measures that guarantee their continued control of the Chamber.  As a result, many Bills are cooked up behind closed doors and introduced to the world the first time only after they are enacted.

That prevents the Press from analyzing and commenting upon any new law until after it is a Done Deal.  The same goes for the Minority Members of the House, itself.  That's a terrible situation for the Voters of The Ocean State.  They are the Customers of the General Assembly, after all, or at least they should be.  But they are poorly served because there are no checks & balancves on the Majority.

This Campaign is to start to tip that balance.  The more seats won by Republicans the more likely the Minority is to be able to sustain or override a Veto, as the case requires.  Only when that strength is demonstrated will the Majority have to deal in public, BEFORE a Bill becomes Law.  The objective is to make the Floor of the House the place where deliberations on new measures actually take place.  What a Concept!  Can you Help?

Real Opportunity?

Real Opportunity is Individual Opportunity.  It is the Chance for each of us to dream our own dreams then try to make them come true.  As a practical reality that means we need an environment of Economic Growth to provide us that chance.  Government needs to Unchain the Economy to let it grow into the engine of change it was when Rhode Island was home to the most successful of all Americans.

Giving Property Owners a Real Voice

Today Rhode Island is the Petri Dish for a Federal Government experiment in implementing a United Nations initiative known as Agenda 21.  The plan is to exert Top-Down Control over all citizens, ostensibly to guarantee sensible environmental management measure.  The term of art they use is 'Sustainable Development,'  The way the Federal Government plans to control where you live and how big a Carbon Footprint you have is by forcing Municipalities to give up authority over Zoning and Planning within their jurisdictions.  Sustainable Development further presuposes the taking of private property as the first step in concentrating populations within carefully designed residential zones where public transportation and minimum autonomy can be used to keep populations quiet and in place.

Does that sound good to you?    Me Neither!  But that's what unelected bureaucrats are busy setting up right now.  Want to learn more?  CLICK HERE

What can you do to preserve the traditional American lifestyle?  For starters Elect New Leadership here in RI District 32.  The incumbent has voted in favor of this transition (whether he realizes he has or not).  Mark Zaccaria wants to be your voice Against this usurpation of municipal sovereignty and individual rights.  Want to hear more?  Just ask by using the response form on this Page.


Election Time!

Do You Think Your Government

Works for You?

Society Functions Through Informed Individuals.  Without Working Institutions to Inform them, there's Nothing Government can Do.

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